Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It Could Always Be Worse

The LFM Hanging at the Coffee Shop

The LFM is a closet Nose Eater


The Little Astronaut Awaiting Lift Off In His Car Seat

Being Read to by his Tiatielle from France

When I was little, I had this book called It Could Always Be Worse. This man goes to the rabbi and says "Rabbi, my house is so so small. My wife is always nagging and the children are crying and I'm miserable, please help!" So the rabbi says "Take all the chickens from your yard and put them in your house." The man does this and comes back the next week saying how much worse this new arrangement is, so the rabbi advises him to take all the goats from his yard and put them in the house and so on and so forth every week until the man's yard is empty and his house is overflowing. The man is virtually at the point of cracking and the rabbi finally counsels him to take all of the animals back out into the yard. The man, who is left with exactly what he had to begin with, is overjoyed at how spacious and wonderful his house has become and believes the rabbi somehow increased the size of his house. The moral of the story, of course, being it could always be worse.

This has been my postpartum experience so far.

I finally think some of the chickens are going back into the yard though, and I am just now starting to really get to enjoy the spaciousness of my new motherhood.

The LFM is now smiling up a storm- these big gorgeous goofy smiles. They're hard to capture on film (I have one from my Dad's camera that I'm just waiting to get a copy of) but boy, i now understand what they mean when they say a smile can light up a room! His eyes totally sparkle when he smiles...as cliche as it is, they do! Our monkey has also begun to coo and gurgle and grunt in his first efforts at communication. He does this in response to what we say, so it becomes this very surreal conversation of sorts. Like when I was a kid and talked in a make believe language with my friends and really believed we knew what each other was saying. Its really cool to watch him so intently watch what we say and how it all works and then put in his two cents worth however he can. I'm sure he's saying only brilliant things, nothing mundane like how gassy he is at any given moment. Its all brilliant philosophical discourse that we're just far too pedestrian to understand at this point. Perhaps one day we'll be evolved enough...

The most recent development though, is that the LFM has suddenly and inexplicably become a Mama's Boy over the last week. While I am truly flattered by all the attention , it certainly makes getting anything done an impossibility. Whereas I used to be able to do things, like bathe for example, he now has decided that I am solely at his mercy and that no, thank you, but the guy with the beard we call Daddy just won't cut it these days. In fact he has decided to save any and all crying bouts for that Daddy character, just to make him feel that much more special. Luckily, that Daddy character happens to be the best father around, and is taking it all in stride. In fact he's braving the threat of a meltdown right now to give me a little time to type with 2 hands. And I have to admit that he really is such a mellow baby (clearly gets that one from Daddy) that his crying is nothing compared to many other babies I've heard. So I'm not complaining.

You hear that, universe? I'm Not Complaining! I get it, It Could Always Be Worse!


hoosier steve said...

I feel for you both, well actually all three of you.

Mollie would not let me calm her at all for a few months, no idea why, or when it even started, but she was tough for a bit there. Of course as Shellie had rehearsals two to four nights a week, daddy spent a lot of time getting screamed at.

No though, when I come home, she is at the point where she will come running (always a fun thing to watch in a toddler as they kind of throw their bodies forward) from wherever she is in the house yelling "Daddy!" As soon as she finds me at the door she starts to tell me all about her day, and some of those same world altering deep thoughts.

As I look back I remember thinking that as tough as it was to be screamed at, I felt worse for Shellie who was basically not able to put Mollie down for a few months there.

I am so looking forward to meeting the guys next month. I won't have a lot of nights off, but an early dinner or a lunch is very easy for me as I have no day job for two weeks!

Janine Serresseque said...

Sara, thank you so much for this blog. I mean, it's not like you don't have anything else to do, right? I love being able to see how your family is doing and I really love seeing pictures of little Jonah. We miss you here at ol' TIV and being able to keep up with you through the blog is such a gift!
Love, Janiney

Roxanne said...

You totally didn't show the "good" picture. I am working on the uberboobertuber. It's a goldmine, I tell you!

SweetBrier Scraps said...

I know how you feel! Aidan just turned three (last Friday) and he is STILL a mama's boy!!! He has to see me at every moment possible. He wants me upon waking, he wants me upon sleeping, in the bathroom, in the car - you name the time and place, he wants me! Whew, it is so hard sometimes. I love that he loves me, but it's nice to have a break. Of course, the other side of it is that Rick gets his feelings hurt. Poor guy!

Good Luck!