Saturday, April 26, 2008

The LFM Supports the Arts, Do You?

At his first Passover seder. dressed up as one of the plagues in his froggie shortsuit.

Attempting the Four Questions in hebrew?

With his adoptive Grandmother Mim
Showing his bad ass nature in his Kiss onesie with Aunt Mica

At our birthing class reunion class (although the Mamas and Babies have gotten together every week since the babies were born), The LFM is about 2 months younger than all the other boys, and clearly unfazed by the gravitational challenges he seems to be facing.

Chillin with his peeps

Sorry I haven't updated in a while...grief has really been kicking my ass lately, and I just haven't felt up to it at all. Emotional turmoil should make me want to write to express those feelings, but no, really it just makes me want to eat doughnuts. Lots and lots of doughnuts. Which is not good when you already feel depressed about how fat you are. Its also not good when its Passover and you can't eat doughnuts. Damn you, Passover. Pass the chocolate, please.

The LFM has been busy supporting the arts, even at such a young age. He went to his first art show last Friday at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Studio School to check out the awesome work that Charles Benoit's students had done. Then tonight, the LFM went to see his first play ever! At only 3 months of age, our little monkey not only attended the opening of Peter Pan, but he also attended the opening night reception afterwards. What a crazy party monkey he is. He seemed to really enjoy the play and made it through the first two acts before finally falling asleep during Act III. I'm not entirely sure if he was fascinated by the play or by the back of Holly's head, but either way he was quiet and his parents enjoyed the play and well, now we can boast that he saw his first play at 3 months old. Saw is a relative term right? Hey. we gotta boast about something besides his ability to projectile vomit all over his Mama. Next week is Chuck's art opening, which he's greatly looking forward to. Chuck is The LFM's favorite artist, mostly because of his smiley silly faces, but hey we all get fans however we can...what matters is the love, man. That and projectile vomiting. Its an underrated skill.

It was both nice and weird to be out and about tonight. Weird identity issues cont...episode 3 thousand. I do feel like my conversation skills don't really extend beyond poop these days, and aside from the other Mamas in my playgroup I have a really hard time speaking to people for more than about 2 minutes. I just don't have all that much to talk about besides the LFM, and while he's absolutely fascinating to us, I'm not sure everyone cares to hear about how unbelievably fast his fingernails and toenails grow (its clip them and 5 seconds later they need to be clipped again, which is a feat akin to open heart surgery). Then again, I'm speaking to the wrong crowd here...presumably you are interested in how fast his nails grow, otherwise why would you even bother to read my ramblings? Oh yeah, its all about seeing the cute pics, isn't it?


Jessica said...

Someone at work asked Darryl which superpower he would most want to have and he forgot about projectile vomiting - that's a good one. Fast growing toenails would have been a nice answer as well...

Hope the Pan opening was great.

LOVE TO SEE THE BEBE PICS!!! Thank you, thank you.

Steve said...

The poop and vomit conversations really do not last as long as you think, it just seems that way now, this too shall pass, I promise.

I am so glad the three of you came to the show, I have let hundreds of comps go unused over the years, it was a thrill to be able to share the joy of Peter Pan with Theatre IV's newest fan.

Enjoy eating the donuts again, it was great finally meeting the rest of your family, it fits you well.

Darryl would be a great super hero with super fast growing finger and toe nails (they are super sharp at that age as well) and vomiting on anyone that gets too close. I can just see the costume now, but would rather not.

laurielou said...

Yo...sugar soul twin..
You know, just when I thought we couldn't think any mored alike, I read your "honesty" post and was shocked...dude...honey...sweeetie...I'M ALREADY THERE and I can't imagine what it will be like when I give birth. Damn. I have been asked to do several things and can't cuz I'm preggo. And people have said similar things regarding "when u get back in the game." I mean SERIOUSLY. I know that pregnancy and motherhood are a shock to the psychological self. Not to mention the passing of our respective parentals...hmmmmm.

Makes me wonder. But determined to be "in the game" in some fashion. As you said in another post..."a reorginzation of thoughts."

Maybe you should just move here...we'll start our own theatre company, employ the WB and MP and just make it all work....We'll call it "Bliss Mama Theatre"

Come on down...I'll be the LFM can be the just barely older playmate to Frick and Frack.