Friday, August 22, 2008

Dental Overachiever

Err, upon further examination, make that now TWO teeth coming in. TWO! No wonder things have been a little wonky here in Funkymonkeyland. The LFM has been stuck to me like sushi on rice. And if course all this coincides with my first postpartum foray back into theatre, so WB's been doing a bang up job of holding the fort down the 3 nights a week that I have rehearsal. And me? Well I've been discovering that I just may be able to hold a conversation not involving poop. I think there is indeed a person within the Mama, and its been really nice rediscovering her.

Wow, I'm still in little boy now has TWO teeth!


Anonymous said...

what a delight
Jean Atwell

Anonymous said...

So exciting! Sorry we have all been so busy! I will make latkies in your new house to give it that lived-in smell! - JB