Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Halloween

Here is our little stinky man on his first Halloween- no, we didn't dress him as a monkey, we went with whatever the local Goodwill had, and luckily it was a freakin adorable skunk costume! We went with Uncle Noah, Chelsea, and met up with Mim and Chuck and checked out the Halloween craziness on a local street in the artsy neighborhood that is renowned for their Halloween festivities. The street was blocked off, there were hundreds of people milling about and some of the houses were spectacularly done up...they were costumes in and of themselves. Jonah had a great time, although he was a little intimidated by all the people and costumes. People stopped us about every 2 feet to tell us how adorable he was, and WB and I were probably glowing we were beaming with such pride at our sweet stinker. After making the full tour, we went back to Mim and Chuck's for pizza. It was just the perfect speed for us on our first Halloween, and Jonah even met and flirted with a fellow skunk! (although everyone agreed he was the cutest by far)

His new nickname is now Pepe. As in the famous skunk. He seems to love it a lot.

On a side note, I'm exhausted and fried. We're still waiting to be able to close on the new house, although we were able to move all of our furniture in last weekend. The builders seem to be either grossly inept, or they're totally blowing smoke up our asses. It might very well be a combination of both, but I'm at the end of my rope. We're homeless, staying at my Dad's house, and the poor LFM has been so freaked out by these major changes that its like having a newborn again- he only wants to be in my arms and except when he's on playdates or at Mim and Chuck's house, he hasn't been letting me put him down. I think the tide is turning though, and he's starting to adjust to his new surroundings...unfortunately he'll be uprooted again when we move, and then again when we go to Puerto Rico in a couple of weeks. Poor little monkey! Mama's feeling pretty lost too. (not to mention stressed beyond belief) Keep your fingers crossed that we can move in soon...this limbo-land is not for me.


David said...

Your hair looks so good in the second pic. And are you wearing a wedding band?


Mim said...

The two little skunks are so adorable, pero, nuestra muefeta es la mayor! Muy, muy, MUY!!

Le Synge Bleu said...

I am wearing a wedding band- its my mother's wedding band, and i've worn it since she died. You've seen it before. No, WB and I aren't married yet.

Anonymous said...

You should keep these pics to show his first prom date.

BTW, you do like great! Love the bangs.


laurielou said...

Hey Soul look fabulous!!!!!!!! Really good. Glowing. So if your stressed, u have masterfully hidden all. Pepe is so sweet. So sosososososo cute. We went as a double stuff Oreo. The girls were the center and we were the cookies.

Jon said...

He is TOTALLY adorable... and you look amazing!