Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Most Magical Moment Imaginable

Last Thursday (yes, my blogging procrastination is indeed that bad) we had our second official prenatal appointment. This was the big exciting visit where we were to possibly hear the heartbeat through the doppler (though I never thought we'd be able to... 10 1/2 weeks is a bit early, after all, and the baby's heartbeat just isn't that super strong yet). I was prepared for disappointment (and by prepared I mean I was totally freaking out and biting the hell out of my newly grown fingernails) and I was ready (and by ready I mean trying not to cry about the possibility) to have to wait another week to even know if there was a real honest to goodness baby in there or not. Somehow I had pretty much convinced myself that I was Mary Tudor and was having a hysterical pregnancy, because really my symptoms have been so mild, and also because clearly I'm bat shit crazy.

But not that crazy. I know ( I got me some proof.

My midwife (who by the way was so totally confident she could get the heartbeat) tried valiantly for quite a while to find the Little Funky Monkey's heartbeat. We did hear quite a bit of my heartbeat, which if I may just flatter myself here a little, sounded so soothing and comforting. I was actually a little jealous of the LFM that it gets to hear that all the time (except it can't really hear yet, but shhh....don't tell WB, I love that he talks to LFM every day, its really so sweet). I actually would love a recording of that to fall asleep fact it was relaxing me there up on the table at the midwife's office. But while I could have listened to my own heartbeat for hours, it wasn't about me, and we were seriously bummed not to hear the LFM's heartbeat.

That is until our rockin' midwife rolled the portable sonogram machine into the office, dimmed the lights (clearly the baby needs mood lighting to overcome its shyness), and began the show. And what a show it was! Oh my god, the appropriate words aren't even in existence, much less the proper combination therein, to describe what we felt. It was magic, pure magic. We were both struck completely dumb, mouths agape in awe, squeezing each others' hands as the tears rolled freely. I'm still tearing up at the thought of it, one whole week later. We saw the Little Funky Monkey Monkey! We actually saw it! And folks, not only is there definitely a baby in there, but that little sucker was dancing for us and I swear it waved. The midwife was definitely stoked that the LFM made her look so good and moved on cue. She also showed us the heartbeat (which was pretty darn cool to see) and said that it looked to be right on schedule developmentally and was the right size for 10 1/2 weeks.

I think we're still glowing from it all. Its the most magical wondrous thing imaginable. Its better than unicorns and kittens and ice cream. Its like being in love to the nth degree (which is a dizzying high, let me tell you)...not only is our bond strengthened between the two of us, but we're both totally head over heels in love with the LFM already!

And the best part is, we get to do it all again tomorrow! We had a previously scheduled appointment for the first trimester (which is almost over...hooray!) screen, where they will measure the baby and check everything out and best of all, if we're really good and behave very well, we get pictures! Yay!

(We also did find an apartment that's about 500 times better than the one we didn't get last time, but that's for another post. One celebratory post at a time, lest the excitement be too much for you to bear)

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congratulations! i'm so happy for you both...or should i say you all...