Wednesday, November 14, 2007

30.5 Weeks

Why do I decide to take pics after an exhaustingly long day? So that I can look this bedraggled. It takes effort you know.

All Belly (and a little lipstick to look a little less like death)

the park across the street from our apartment this morning

So as I promised, here are some long overdue belly shots...and what a belly to shoot, huh? I was thinking the other day how much I'm going to miss it - how much I have grown to love this baby belly and what's inside it. I will miss the kicks and pokes and squirming around that have become so much a part of every day. I actually miss it when he's asleep now! I will also miss this wonderful little bit of time when its just us- it will never be just him and me again. I feel like its something so special and wondrous and beautiful.

That is until he jumps on my bladder, ramming it with all the force he can muster.

Which happens at least twice a day, if not more.

Still, I am remembering to enjoy this fully.

I think he likes it best when I speak to him in French.


Anonymous said...

Love the belly shots! You look so great!


Jessica said...

This one time I'm glad I missed a couple of posts. I got here and read the reassuring news before the high blood pressure news. So relieved you're doing alright.

You look great by the way. You always say you don't look good - "bedraggled" you said this time - when in fact you look sort of radiant!


Anonymous said...

Love that belly! You're looking very sassy as always and will no doubt be the coolest mama on the block.


JB said...

Yeay! Thanks for the soft porn.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Reading your blog has brought back great memories of my pregnancy. I did enjoy having Ry in my belly, just for myself. Yes, things will change, but for now, continue to enjoy this time together.

Thinking good thoughts about ya!

Troy said...

You look.....happy and wonderful and HAPPY!

Laurie said...

I miss you and wish I could be with you during this precious and special time. I would have such joy helping you and asking you a million questions about what things feel like...will you please send me your address ( I would like to send something to u, WB and the LFM. My darling, let's talk soon.

Mica said...

Aw! You look adorable. But bedraggled is a funny looking word, so I am glad you put it there ;)

Really great to know you are enjoying your experience. But he comes out in a few months and then you can share him with the rest of us! yay!

Jon said...

You need a countdown timer on your blog :D

You look amazing. It looks like you are doing great, and I can't wait for the day, even if you will miss your "unity".