Monday, November 26, 2007

Here, Have Some Thanks, On the House

So this Thanksgiving was a little different than all other Thanksgivings, needless to say. Different in that this year I feel completely overwhelmed with gratitude. Not only am I incredibly thankful that Mimi is alive to see another Thanksgiving (something we weren't sure would happen last year at this time), but I'm also unbelievably thankful for the new family I am building. This sturdy little tripod that is my everything. Its something that's completely beyond words but which fills every single cell of my being. Something than is innate in nature, but beyond that is built upon the backs of many a loss, many a violation, many a life challenge. And you know what? If it all brought me here, to this place here and now, its all completely worth it.

[editor's note: to the bulbous bloody mass of mucous that used to be my nose, for the record, I am not thankful for you. You are making me miserable. Please stop throwing tantrums and running all over the place. Can't we live together in harmony? Please?]


Mim said...

And we are thankful for you! and happy that there are good things, inspite of le nez. Feel well, stay calm, gros bisous de Paris.

hoosier steve said...

You are thankful for the bundle of love growing in your tummy (that word still cracks me up, especially when I have been drinking).
I am so glad you are doing well, and can't wait to meet the whole family in April.
Love to mf

Terra said...

Hello and big Congratulations! I just checked out your old blog after a long absence and was so happy to see your news. I hail from South of the Mason-Dixon as well and know they'll treat you real good. Best of luck to you and WB!