Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Start Spreading the News

At Uncle Nick's in the old hood
With Auntie Monkey
And Aunt Mica
With Daddy and Aunt Shea
At Vinyl, yet again hanging on 9th ave in the old hood
Flying with Uncle David in Balsley Park
My Two Loves
With Uncle Artsy Hotpants

Like the truly insane people we seem to have become (three cheers for sleep deprivation) on Memorial Day weekend we packed up the 'ol hybrid and set forth on an epic journey northward, to the place where it all began...New York City. This was the LFM's first trip outside of the womb, and our first family trip since we moved last August. Ummm, New York, we didn't really mean to leave...I mean, when we said we needed space, we just meant temporarily. We didn't want to break up or anything. Sure, we're living with Richmond now, but that doesn't mean anything...you're the one we love, we swear. No one knows us like you do...no one brings out our very best selves like you do. No one does restaurants and pizza like you do. And no one titillates our creative senses like you do. New York, we desperately want to get back together, one day, if we can ever afford it. We're still madly in love with you, and we probably always will be. We haven't discussed it or anything, but I think we both still fantasize about you. And going back? Just made our hearts break all over again.


MAH said...

In all future emails, correspondence, captions and in person, I would like to be referred to as "Uncle Artsy Hotpants"

Anonymous said...

LFM has such a large, good looking extended family :)