Friday, April 17, 2009

Moving Images are Far Better Than Incoherent Ramblings

I'm way overdue for a new post, but its 1am, I just finished working from home at my office job, and I'm beyond pooped. I'd love to be able to sleep a teensy bit before the LFM begins waking up every 10 minutes to use my breasts as a pacifier. So I'll leave you with this...its much better anyway, right? Who wants to read about the LFM when you can see him? Mica, the awesome, gave us a flip (did I mention how awesome she is?) so hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more video in the future. Mica, my aunt in France (my only reader) now loves you forever and ever.


Mim said...

OMG He said NIGHT NIGHT!! I heard that! Wowee, this is soooo exciting. Yay for Jonah and merci beaucoup to Mica from me, too.

Jon said...

He is a cutie.

I still pop in from time to time... ok a few times a year {eyes rolling}