Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words and Some Good Old Fashioned Groundedness

How embarrassing for the LFM that his Mom is already posting nudie pics on the internets! (follow the arrow)

So not only did our beautiful son show all, but he did so in such a spectacular manner that everyone who has seen the ultrasound picture (ie the blackmail shot) has been incredibly impressed. Yup, that's our boy...and his gigantic no-mistaking-it-for-anything-else penis. We also got to see his other brain, which is also huge, and his face with his chubby little cheeks and WB's full round lips. He actually gave us quite the tour, thanks to the caffeine I had about an hour before hand, and it was nothing short of magical as we watched him open and close his teeny little hand (undoubtedly waving at the silly parental gawkers...he's a total ham, just like his Mama) or stick his teeny perfect little footprint right up to us. He looks healthy and the weight they estimated for him (1 pound 7 ounces) is right in the perfect range for his stage of development at 23 1/2 weeks.

We have a wonderful healthy beautiful (and well hung) baby boy!

We definitely made the right decision (for us) to find out now instead of waiting- its the little extra grounding force to make us feel more rooted in the pregnancy and our journey towards parenthood. What with all of the stress from the move and Mom's cancer, I feel like we needed that extra little something to make us feel even more solidly connected to our child and to each a whole funky family. And boy did it! Even though I've known all along (I kept saying I thought it was a boy, and I just couldn't envision a girl at all...somehow I just knew) somehow this just makes everything so very real and beautiful in a way that supersedes the sucky stress of cancer and moving a way that supersedes absolutely everything else. All I can think or say or do is "We have a son!".

And that's a truly wonderful thing!

**I tried to scan the ultrasound photos and haven't been able to get any decent quality pics...I posted the money shot for now, but hopefully will be able to get a better pics soon.


vixanne wigg said...

Boys rock! Congratulations!

Mim said...

oh mi oh mi oh mi
es muy bueno!! Good thing you have the arrow there. This is fabulous and you're so right, it's just what is needed. YOU rock! Love to all three of you funky fabulicious cuties. (ps I have the longest word verification I've ever had!)

hoosier steve said...

How wonderful! We have a picture of James doing the same pose. I am afraid that he has not developed a sense of modesty at all yet. One of the biggest fights we have every day is "Get some clothes on James", he just loves being nekid (that's how it's spelled out here).
That ultra sound visit with both kids were two of the best moments of my life, their births being the only toppers.
All our best, I can't wait to meet LFM next spring.

JB said...

You know I am so happy!!! Congrats and I have to start shopping now - looks like he may need extra big baby pants to hold that package.

Jessica said...

Yeah! Little Dirk Diggler is on his way!! Get ready to boogie!

(you didn't get that pop culture reference, did you?... maybe WB will...)

Miss you! J

deeceesw said...

Congratulations to you and WB! I have been checking the blog on and off. We are super excited to hear you are having a boy!!

Wish we had been there for Rosh Hashana. Hope to see you during our next visit!

Dawn, Ron & Ryan