Monday, June 11, 2007

8 Weeks and Slightly Cheating or The Great Bloat

I'm really kind of cheating here, because I took the photo in the morning, before eating a single thing and with my arms raised straight into the air. Really, I'm actually bigger by the end of the day after all the meals have collected in my tummy and are lying there waiting for my sluggish digestive system to turn off the TV, get off the couch, and start processing some food dammit! But if this is empty tummy bloat...well, just use your imagination.

I saw my dear dear friend Mr. Artsy Hotpants yesterday and the first thing he said to me was "Oh! You don't really look pregnant, you just look like you have a fat stomach!" I loved him infinitely in that moment for being the one person to actually admit the truth. Later he was on the phone to our mutual friend Vixanne, and said "Either Synge is showing already or she's just sticking out her stomach", to which Vixanne promptly replied, "Maybe she's just bloated"...and indeed I am. According to the pregnancy books, my uterus is still way down deep inside me, so what you're seeing is all bloating and gas. Lovely, huh? I feel oh so attractive, let me tell you.


Lady Bonds said...

why is le synge *bleue*?

Lady Bonds said...

oops, uh, "bleu."

Le Synge Bleu said...

my brother was called the blue monkey, and when i began blogging in 2004 that was the name i chose to honor him.

trust me, this monkey is not at all blue...on the contrary, hormonally inspired outbursts aside, i am ecstatic!