Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hormones...Or The Not Always So Fun Side of Pregnancy

Hormones are making me miserable at this moment. Especially the ones tied to emotional states of being. And if you've never been pregnant, I don't think you can really get exactly how much of an effect these hormones do have on your emotions, which you suddenly feel are completely out of your control. Even if you don't always show it or never really convey the depths to others, the boiling cauldron of emotional turmoil can be such a difficult thing for the person experiencing it. I'd say hell pretty much sums it up accurately. Everyone always has pity for the partner, who is the usual recipient of whatever emotion du jour happens to pop up, but let me tell you, being the one that has to experience it firsthand is anything but a picnic.

While it is a joyous miracle, pregnancy certainly doesn't always feel like one.

I am having an incredibly sad moment. Like gutwrenchingly sad. If you look at me, I will probably cry. Heck, if you think about me, I will probably cry. So please don't think about me, okay?

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