Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Called Out

A co-worker just asked me if I'm pregnant. I said "Why do you ask that?", and she replied "Because you look a little bloated there..."

Wow. A little over 9 weeks and I'm already being called out on it.

(I kind of totally loved it though!)

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hoosier steve said...

In a few months you will have people guessing the sex based on your body. The fish woman at the Kroger by our old house guessed that James was a boy based on Shellie's butt. It was a little creepy, I think she just has a thing for pregnant butt...
We are hoping to travel to RVA in December, then maybe we can get together, you can speak french at my kids (they already get plenty of Spanish of course) and I can speak English to you (not as threatening is it?).